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Respect Our Planet

Each of us can make a difference to our planet, so where better to start than during your relaxing getaway while you're in the destination? Check out a few simple tips from us:

✓ What makes sea water so clear? Answer: countless organisms in the waters, such as coral and fish. Avoid touching them when you're snorkeling or diving, as this helps the environment to stay colourful and diverse.

✓ Make sure you dispose of your rubbish properly in the containers. This helps to reduce the amounts of non-biodegradable plastic waste in our oceans. Thanks for protecting the flora and fauna living there!

When buying products in the destination, look for and choose those which are:

made from recycled products/materials or are recyclable.

sustainably produced/sourced.

meet standard of Fair Trade, organic materials, energy efficiency and/water saving. They are often marked with relevant labels.

You can also help contribute the local community and protect the natural & cultural heritages by:

Support the environmental, social and community work by making a donation or joining in a local activity.

Visit with respect the local historical, archaeological, culturally and spiritually important sites. Also be respectful of the local customs and traditions