The Journey Home

All information relating to the journey home is found here.

Note! Hotel Check out is no later than 12.00

Important information to your mobile phone:

During your stay, you will receive SMS with bus departure times, delays and other information to the mobile phone number you registered when booking your holiday. This is free of charge.

SMS with your departure details:

Nordic guests will recieve an SMS with bus pick up time and bus number between 24-48 hours before departure, to the mobile phone number you registered when booking your holiday. Should you receive no such SMS, please contact our staff. You can change this number at any time during your stay.

Before you leave the hotel, we ask you to:

Empty the safety deposit. Pay any bills. Leave the room key. Put name tags on all luggage. Check that you have your ticket and a seat for the journey home. If not, please mention this when you check in. Have your ticket, passport and travel documents accessible in your hand luggage.

Excess weight:

The airlines have tightened the control on excess weight. The maximum allowance per person is 20 kg, incl. 5 kg of hand luggage. Excess weight costs 5 euro per kilo. If you travel with Sunclass Airlines the maximum allowance per person is 30 kg, incl. 6 kg of hand luggage.

We kindly remind you to check the details for direct check in before your departure when traveling with Sunclass Airlines.