MyHoliday App


- Is the travel app that has everything you need during your holiday; your booking, flight times, transfer, excursions and restaurant tips. All in a simple and handy format.

Download it on iTunes or Google play. Then retrieve your booking by logging in with your details or booking number. The background of the app will show your hotel, and you have direct access to this information site MySunprime to make your holiday even more comfortable. You will also see your booking details and contact information for staff at the resort. Another useful feature is the map, which helps you find both your hotel as well as sights and restaurants nearby. Naturally, you can download all information and use it in offline mode, to avoid unwelcome roaming fees when abroad.

Download Ving (SE) to your smartphone here:

Download Ving (NO) to your smartphone here:

Download Spies (DK) to your smartphone here:

Download Tjäreborg (FI) to your smartphone here: