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Online Training

Yogobe is the leading digital platform in the Nordics for physical and mental health. Yogobe offers +2000 videos as well as playlists, programs and challenges within everything from yoga, meditation and mindfulness to workouts, Pilates, dance, mental training, pregnancy exercises and much more. 

To claim unlimited access to the Yogobe video library during your stay we welcome you to to sign up using the campaign code NLTG30 for a thirty day free trial.

If you already have a Yogobe account, paying or non-paying, please visit the hotel reception and request an access code giving you 7 days unlimited access. This code is then entered on the Subscription page in Settings

Don’t know where to start? After you have created your Yogobe account, please visit our profile page on Yogobe. We have put together several playlists which we hope will help you get started. 

If you have any questions about your Yogobe account, please contact and they will help you.

*After your free access days, your membership will not convert into a paying subscription if you do not actively start one yourself. 

Examples of training videos