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What is Travelife?

Travelife is a joint cooperation between European tour operators that provides guidelines and measurement systems aimed at contributing to the improvement in environmental and social responsibility in the travel industry. Visit Travelife here.

Companies associated with Travelife must contribute to society by employing locally, using local suppliers and by marketing local business. They must also work against child labour and child sex tourism.

How Do We Collaborate?

We constantly improve our environmental, social and economic impacts through our collaboration with Travelife. Our work is then followed up by Travelife’s independent inspectors.

Our endeavor is that we and our partners will adhere to these guidelines to the greatest possible extent.

What is Travelife Gold Certificate?

To get the "Gold Award", the participating hotel must meet all criteria in the following 6 areas and work actively to improve and explain what is being done, while encouraging others to follow the example.

• Management system covering business policies, legislation, communications and human / financial resources
• Environmental management, including energy, water, solid waste, hazardous chemicals, animals and nature
• Labor and Human Rights
• Community
• Suppliers
• Customers